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Alfresco Heating is rare among patio heater suppliers because they also install outdoor heaters and support their outdoor-heating products with service and repairs.

At Alfresco Heating, we have been serving the San Francisco Bay Area and wine country since 2003, and warming outdoor patios nationwide since 2006. We offer expert patio heater advice, and the right heaters for the specific application, to contractors, designers, restaurants, resorts, hotels, architects, homeowners, and dealers. We love creating cozy warm outdoor entertainment areas, and we are very good at it.

We are experts in wall- and ceiling-mounted gas patio heaters, overhead electric patio heaters, and upright “mushroom” patio heaters, permanent and portable, natural gas and propane. 

Our in-house phone consultants and field technicians work with the subtle design elements that can change a good installation into a cozy warm and aesthetically pleasing outdoor entertainment area. You can begin the process with a free phone consultation. We can review your drawings, plans, photographs, and budget and recommend what will work and look best, and enhance your outdoor living space. Onsite installation consultations are also available in our service area for a refundable fee.  We guarantee our installs, as our installation customers are consistently warm and happy.

We offer a selection of styles, brands, and patio heater repair parts. If you see a product on our site then it meets our standard of quality in its price range. We work with outdoor heaters every day, and we can recommend what will effectively and safely heat your (or your client’s) outdoor living area. You can experience our heaters first hand in hundreds of our customers' restaurants and bars. 

Covered and uncovered spaces can be heated with outdoor heaters. Ventilation is needed for gas patio heaters, while electric patio heaters can be used indoors and outdoors. Open yard spaces can be heated with portable or fixed-post patio heaters. We are not heating the air. We are heating people, furniture, walls, and decks or patios or lawns or floors with radiant heat. All patio heaters are radiant heaters, as the sun is. They are like little personal balls of sunshine, just for you. One or more of our products can be used in almost any outdoor space, and can increase your and your guests' enjoyment of your home, bar, or restaurant.

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