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Patio Heaters for Commercial and Residential Use


At Alfresco Heating, all we do is outdoor heating. Years of consultative sales, hundreds of patio heater installations, and daily authorized repair service have made us outdoor heating leaders in the San Francisco Bay Area. Let us share this experience with you.

Patio Heating Solutions

Find all of your outdoor heating solutions here. We offer a full line of patio heating products and the expertise to install, service and repair them. Because not every outdoor heating application is the same, we offer both permanent and portable outside heaters powered by electricity, natural gas or propane. 

Gas patio heaters

With gas outdoor heaters, you can warm your outdoor entertaining area with an economical fuel source.

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Electric patio heaters

Choose electric outdoor heaters for low visibility and low maintenance installations. Tuck electric patio heaters into corners and under low structures. Certain electric patio heaters can even be flush-mounted in a ceiling.

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Portable and fixed-post outdoor heaters

Warm up open yard spaces with either portable or fixed-post outdoor heaters.

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The advantage of radiant heat

Like the sun, radiant heat moves in straight lines, warming objects in its path—furniture, walls, decks, patios, floors and people. These objects, once heated, also generate warmth. All patio heaters, gas or electric, operate by radiant heat to efficiently warm your outdoor space.

We are here to help

If you need help planning your outdoor heating environments, we offer on-site and phone consultations. Whether you are a business owner, contractor, designer, or homeowner, we can help. You provide the drawings, plans, dimensions, and/or photos, and give us a budget, and we’ll help you plan the perfect warm, outdoor entertaining experience.

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Local support

For those who live within our service area, we offer on-site patio heating consultation, installation and repair service.

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Our heaters and installations can be spotted around the San Francisco Bay area and in wine country.

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About Us

Creating cozy outdoor entertainment spaces is our passion. Alfresco Heating has served the San Francisco Bay area and wine country since 2003. We’ve been warming outdoor patios nationwide since 2006.

We specialize in wall- and ceiling-mounted gas outdoor heaters, overhead electric patio heaters and portable patio heaters. 

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