Patio Season Prep

Are your outdoor heaters ready for patio season?

Spring is upon us and, as Bay Area Summers notoriously need that extra boost of warmth all season long, tune up those patio heaters now to beat the rush. If you test your patio heaters and they don’t seem to be functioning properly, contact us for support and service. Alfresco Heating can provide advice, parts, or run a service call now, before you need the heaters outside.

How do you test? Well, just fire them up! If they are performing to expectations, you are most likely good to go. If you can’t get them to light, they don’t stay lit, or the flame is yellow or weak, then give us a call and we can come and take a look.

Can’t get it to light? Make sure that you’ve held the gas button for a sufficient amount of time. It can take up to three minutes to bleed the air out of the fuel line when you put a new can of propane into your portable heater. If it still won’t light, try using a can of compressed air from your local office supply store to clean out any cobwebs or other pesky bugs from the pilot light area. Once you try those two things, if the heater still isn’t working, reach out and we can come service it.

Stay warm and toasty in the San Francisco spring and summer with Alfresco Heating!