Gyde Heated Gloves

Having recently picked up the Gyde heated clothing line I was excited to test their heated gloves and vest, in Banff National Park, in the Canadian Rockies, in December. This post is just about the gloves.

Setting up the ski gloves was pretty easy. One charged lithium Ion battery went into a compartment in each glove, connected to a hidden cord, the switch on the battery was turned to on, and the compartment was zipped shut. I put the gloves on, and found there was an easy-to-access, illuminated edge, push-button switch on each glove. The switch was large enough to operate easily with gloves on. A long press of the button turned each glove on and off. A short press changed it from low – green light on; to medium – yellow light on; to high – red light on.

During my three December days in Banff high temperatures ranged from 23°F to 25°F (-5°C to -4° C). So it was pretty cold out, and we were out for a few hours every day.  I tried all three glove heat settings, but found that low and medium were all I wanted to use. The high setting was too warm for that weather. Once I traded my warm gloves for my Canadian companion’s winter mittens. It was no contest. The heated gloves were much warmer.

I was very impressed – loved – the Gyde gloves. As anyone who goes outdoors in the winter knows, the experience of warmth is one of the most appreciated sensations a person can have on a cold day. These gloves would work great on the ski slopes, and for any winter outdoor enthusiast. Try a pair and feel for yourself. They make great gifts as well. We have them in stock at Alfresco Heating.