The best way to heat a table under a pergola or covered patio may not be what you have read. Angling outdoor heaters towards a table can work well only if the heaters are angled in from the only opened side of a covered patio. I recently reviewed an installation under a pergola. The people on the side of the table with the patio heater were too hot. The people on the other side of the table were too cold. At Alfresco Heating we have an approach that heats evenly. One option we suggest is to heat from both sides of a table, with the heaters angled in. But if you want the most effective heating for the least cost, then place your new overhead electric or gas patio heater(s) over the table. Then everyone gets heat evenly, on their arms, chests, and faces, and the table is warmed as well. The unpleasant feeling of a heater right over anyone's heads is avoided. And you don't need as many heaters as you would heating from both sides of the table.