Like in most things, you get what you pay for. If you choose an economy entry-level consumer patio heater from a big-box store, you are purchasing the patio heating equivalent of a disposable lighter. Such lightweight heaters tend to look crooked and uneven from when first assembled. They often blow over in the first wind storm, mangling their multi-part reflectors. The interior components are inferior and tend to stop working even if they are not blown over. Additionally, they’re less efficient, so you won’t feel as warm.

When you buy patio heaters from a patio heating specialty company, they will help you decide what is best for your space and how you use it, and offer you products that are heavy-duty, sturdy, reliable, and will look good and perform well for years to come. Some high-quality patio heaters include technological advancements, which produce greater warmth with greater efficiency.

A patio-heating specialist will be able to analyze whether electric, natural gas, or propane patio heaters will best meet your needs, and will know how to install your heaters properly, while balancing function with your aesthetic taste. This ensures that you have an effective, safe, and up-to-code installation. A local specialist can work with your architect or designer and/or visit your outdoor-living space for a consultation.