"I live in Petaluma, but found you online.  I am trying to heat an outdoor shade structure.  I was thinking of electric infrared, but I don't really like the bright orange light." Rob S.

In my experience, an electric patio heater with halogen bulb will create a lot of light. Alfresco Heating has removed some that reminded us of interrogation lamps. Other halogen heaters made the area around them look like a bad Halloween movie. The solution, in our experience, is electric patio heaters with quartz tubes from Infratech. Alfresco Heating has been selling, installing, and servicing Infratech products since 2003, and have had no complaints at all about the light color or brightness of their patio heating products. The light intensity of Infratech electric radiant quartz patio heaters is soft and the color reminds me of a fire glow,