Mission Rock patio heater installation interior

I met Pete Osborne on the upper deck of Mission Rock Resort and saw a challenge. Add new patio heaters, effectively placed at the outer edge of their upper deck, part of which was 25’ over the salty, corrosive San Francisco Bay. I designed custom posts of marine-grade stainless, which mount to a vertical surface of the beam, and interface with the 1¼” steel gas pipe we would install. . Mounting the posts and gas lines over the bay required an articulating boom lift. Large gas lines also were also run over the water.We did all of this while keeping half of their deck open for alfresco dining at lunch every day. The result is nine post-mounted SunPak S34-S patio heaters warming the upper deck of the restaurant, overlooking the shipyards of San Francisco, and over the bay to Oakland. Mission Rock is close to AT&T Park, so you can stop in for a drink or dinner before or after a San Francisco Giants baseball game.

And this is only the beginning. In the Fall of 2014 we will install seven more SunPak patio heaters to heat the below-deck seawall for big holiday parties, and three more SunPaks and three powerful Habanero M50-S stainless steel patio heaters, to warm the wooden dining pier at the north end of the restaurant.

Mission Rock patio heater installation boom lift

Mission Rock patio heater installtion complete