I walk up to a restaurant and I see fine teak outdoor furniture, cloth napkins, and a well dressed, helpful wait staff. And then I see their patio heaters are all crooked, with reflectors that are bent and grossly distorted. How can a fine dining restaurant be so cheap when it comes to their guests' outdoor comfort?  Do these restaurants really not know that there is a difference between the $299 box store heater, and a heavy duty heater designed for the use and abuse of restaurant operations? It is as if my filet mignon was served with a plastic knife! 

It could be one of three things: Perhaps they have a short lease and it was in their best interest to buy disposable outside heaters. It might be that they are just cheap. But then why are they buying fine furniture? Maybe they are oblivious to the poor quality of their heaters. But that makes me wonder what other quality issues they may be oblivious to. I findi it alarming how often I see cheap, light weight patio heaters at what otherwise appear to be nice restaurants.

 For those restaurants that want to step up to a long lasting, heavy duty portable propane patio heaters, I suggest SunGlo or evenGLO. If amazing aesthetics are key I suggest that Kindle Living would be worth looking into. I deem these to be outdoor heaters of commercial quality, and I do not throw that phrase about lightly.

For most restaurants with long term leases the economics of fuel cost make the capital investment in a permanent patio heaters installation a money saver over portable propane heaters, whether of disposable quality or not.