We all want to save money. When you have a major purchase to make, it’s always tempting to consider the warehouse and big box-stores and their brands. These seem to offer the lowest prices on items that seem comparable to those available at other outlets. 

Price Isn’t Everything

Appearances can be deceiving. You can find free-standing outdoor heaters online or at big retail outlets for $200 to $300. However, “buyer beware.” These models are light duty and disposable. We call heaters like that “Bic Lighters.” I’m sure you get why.  If they perform adequately, you might get by, for a while. But if something fails to perform, try getting product support from either the manufacturers of the heaters or from the big box retailers.  

Our Standing Patio Heaters feel and look solid. This means that they won't blow over in the first gust of breeze. If you are in our service area in Northern California, we service the heaters that we sell. In the rest of the country, we provide advice and parts to all of our retail customers and their handypersons. You can't get any of that from any box store.

Check the Hidden Costs

If you throw away your light-duty patio heater every year or two then the cost of ownership really starts to add up. Locally, we don’t service box-store heaters in the field. We may or may not be able to access the needed parts, and it would be too expensive for the value of the heaters if we could not fix them on the spot. If you have purchased your heaters at a retail outlet, we are sorry to say that, more than likely, we can’t help you. 

High Quality Outdoor Heaters that are Built-to-Last

Alfresco Heating offers only well-built, dependable outdoor heaters. Some of our biggest clients could tell you that. For example, for the Marin Country Mart, we provided the SunGlo A270SS. These are truly commercial-grade patio heaters. And, these heaters are built in a way that we can service them.  

If a top-of-the-line outdoor heater is too much for your budget—if you are looking for something that we support what is more affordable than SunGlo—we also carry Patio Comfort PC02SS medium-duty patio heaters, which are a couple of steps up from the heaters we see coming out of box stores

We also have specialty propane heaters, directional, cantilevered, and, of course, pyramid flame heaters, all brands of which put out little heat, but their flames are nice to look at. 

Whatever your needs, we can advise you of the best product, the best options. In our Northern California service area,we offer assembly of these heaters. And, no matter where you are, we offer support and expert advice. Later, when you need parts, you will find we stock them. 

In this way, we are happy to ensure your outdoor comfort for years to come. Ultimately, that’s your most economical option. 

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