Your portable propane patio heater won't light. Before you call us for a repair, or throw your economy propane patio heater away, you could try the following self-service user-maintenance steps: 

1. Bleed the gas. This is the most common issue. If you changed the tank, or if the heater was not used for a long time, you may have to bleed the air out of the gas line. This takes up to three minutes. Hook your propane tank on and open the valve. Turn the valve handle on the heater head to the pilot position, and hold it in. Try to light it periodically, if it doesn't automatically spark the whole time. If after three minutes you cannot get a pilot lit go to step 2.

2. Try to light it with a lighter. While you push the knob in the pilot positionon, on the heater head, try to light the pilot with a lighter. Barbeque lighters with narrow tips work the best. Keep in mind that once you get the pilot lit you will probably need to hold the gas knob in for up to thirty seconds.

3. If that doesn't work you may have some insect debris in your pilot. Sometimes that can be dislodged with compressed air. Small cannisters of air are available at office supply stores.