Due to the increase in bay-area traffic, we are unable to continue patio-heating repair service in the areas south of San Francisco and Oakland, east of the Caldecott Tunnel and Vallejo.  We will offer final service calls, upon request, to existing customers outside our new, smaller service area, only until July 31st, 2019.

See our new service area map.

We will travel a little farther for installation jobs, as far south as Mountain View and Hayward, and east to Walnut Creek and Concord – the red zone on our map. We offer one year of warranty service and a second year of out of warranty service when we provide and install permanent heaters.

What you can do: 

We will be happy to provide you parts, new heaters and training to your local serviceman.

Swapping a head is much easier than servicing a heater, and sometimes cheaper. See Patio Comfort Heads. See SunGlo heads (with emitters) Call us at 415-884-2880.

You can ship your SunGlo heater head(s) – include regulator if propane – to us and we will service in our shop. You can send your SunPak patio heater to us for shop service. Contact us about shop service for our other brands.