Waterfront Home With Patio Heaters

Make yourself a cocktail and enjoy the peace we feel around the water; take advantage of that valuable view. Turn off your phone; escape the over-stimulation of modern life. Increase your comfort with patio heaters from Alfresco Heating™. Patio heaters provide that extra warmth you need on chilly evenings.

A waterfront home is an ideal location for permanent patio heaters. There are many options available to heat your water view. We focus on an ideal balance of aesthetics and functionality, providing a solution customized to your desires. Whether it be spot heating a dining area, warming guests at large parties, or somewhere in between, our expert installers work with you to ensure a cozy, functional, and beautiful outdoor space.

At Alfresco Heating, we pride ourselves on knowing the most appropriate location to place our heaters so that each space is utilized most effectively. Because we install and service patio heaters of all sorts, we know the patio heaters’ capabilities and which models will best fit your budget and setting.

Let Alfresco Heating provide you with a FREE phone consultation to assess your needs. Should a follow-up be necessary / desired and you are in the Bay Area, we would love to come by for an onsite consultation to look at the space with you and to provide the most accurate quote.