Transformers for Patio Heaters.

Most overhead gas patio heaters and some mushroom-shaped patio heaters require 24 volts for their ignition and control circuits. A transformer is necessary to reduce household current (typically 120 volts AC) to 24 volts AC.

We suggest 20 VA of rating, or more per patio heater. So if you have three patio heaters we suggest three 20 VA transformers, two 40 VA transformers, or one 75 VA (or greater) transformer, to control the three outside heaters. 

In the case of Schwank brand patio heaters, they suggest 40 VA of rating for the first patio heater and 20 VA of rating for each additional patio heater. So if you have four Schwank outdoor heaters you will need four 40VA transformers, two 75 VA transformers, or one 100 VA (or greater) transformer, to control the four Schwank heaters.

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